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Finding Balance in Your Career

For those of you who can actually find the time to sit back and read (anything), you might have read Daniel’s Petre’s Father Time (Macmillan – 1998). Despite being written many years ago, it is still highly relevant. Petre’s theme is simple and one which rings true in the fashion & retail context. “Take a […]

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Does Parenthood Disadvantage your Career?

One of the great privileges of doing what we do at People Recruitment is getting to know our candidates before we refer them for a role. Given the importance of “work” and “career” in the lives of these candidates, the screening and interview process allows them to openly share their experiences, talk about their personal […]

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CEO of the Household

Over the holiday period break my wife and I had the opportunity to spend two wonderful weeks with our children and grandchildren. Included in this cohort was our daughter, her husband and four young children (14 month + 25 month old twins and 4 year old). A fun time was had by all (I have […]

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We all want to be liked.

Wanting to be liked is a basic human trait and conversely, we usually don’t enjoy the experience of rejection. At People Recruitment we understand the emotional investment every candidate makes when they decide to apply for a role and how important the job will be to their future. That’s why we spend a lot of […]

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