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Looking for a great recruiter to represent you?

We’re always on the scout for talent and right now more employers than ever are also looking for great candidates. Here are just a few jobs we recruit: Chief Executive and Senior Executives Accounting & Finance People, Culture & HR Learning, Development, RTO & Training Administration & Office Support Legal & Corporate Law Marketing, PR/Public […]

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2021 – just was.

It must be something about getting older, but the years just seem to be getting shorter. Celebrating our 25th anniversary was certainly a milestone for all of us involved with People Recruitment Group & despite the tough economic conditions, we’ve had one of our best years ever across both our executive search & general recruitment […]

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We all want to be liked.

Wanting to be liked is a basic human trait and conversely, we usually don’t enjoy the experience of rejection. All of us at People Recruitment understand the emotional investment every candidate makes when they decide to apply for a role and how important the job will be to their future. That’s why we spend a […]

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Recognising traditional, First Nation place names

Thumbs up to Australia Post for the launch of new parcels marking traditional, First Nation place names. What a simple, yet powerful act during NAIDOC 2021 where Heal Country! is the theme. You know those moments when you read or hear something that makes perfect sense & wonder why it hasn’t been done before? Earlier in […]

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Act quickly in the 2021 Candidate Market

Jobs in the sport, fitness & aquatic sector hit record numbers this year, with more roles available across more employers than ever before. This is consistent with broader economic data released this week by the ABS showing job vacancies in Australia hit record highs in the May 2021 quarter to be 57% above pre-pandemic levels. […]

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Handshake Withdrawal

A handshake is just one of the long held habits that appear to have fallen victim to COVID. Before COVID I had relied on a handshake to convey the many stories about the giver of the said shake. Now I’m simply overwhelmed by research indicating a handshake is a primary vector for disease. I can’t […]

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Replying to Job Seekers a simple courtesy

I was recently sent a copy of an email a candidate had received after unsuccessfully applying for an executive role with a large Government Agency While they were not questioning the decision, they were upset by the inability to seek any feedback on why they were unsuccessful. The email stated. …”Please note that due to […]

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JobSeeker announcement

Really? Lots of back-slapping and no doubt high-fives in Canberra this week after the release of the long awaited review of JobSeeker. $307.85 a week – that’s $149.15 below the accepted poverty line in Australia. And there’s more … from 1 July recipients must apply for a minumum of 20 jobs and if a person […]

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So, that was 2020? A year to remember for sure.

And while it may be contrary to the general theme of posts I’m reading on LI, before we set our sights on the year ahead my sense is we should be celebrating all things 2020. Whatever your circumstances, you’ve made it the end of the year. That’s an achievement in itself. It’s even more impressive […]

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Applying father-daughter thinking to recruitment

I’ve been thinking about the role of a father and the impact we have on our daughters & the daughters of others. The day our daughter was born I wrote a letter to her & kept it tucked away until her wedding day 32 years later. The essence of the letter was a promise I […]

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