2021 – just was.

It must be something about getting older, but the years just seem to be getting shorter. Celebrating our 25th anniversary was certainly a milestone for all of us involved with People Recruitment Group & despite the tough economic conditions, we’ve had one of our best years ever across both our executive search & general recruitment divisions.

It’s certainly fulfilling to still be growing after 25 years of continual operations.

And while the people behind the brand provide the heart & soul to what we do every day, our business continues to enjoy its success through the bonds we have with job seekers and employers.

I’d like to express our gratitude to every candidate that applied for a job we managed in 2021. Despite the hard reality only one candidate will be successful for each job, we acknowledge with thanks the effort you made when applying for a role we were recruiting. It’s not easy being a job seeker, a fact too many recruiters & employers continue to overlook. We hope you felt you were considered on factors of merit, you were kept updated on your application & if unsuccessful, you felt you had the opportunity to seek guidance & feedback. And of course, to those candidates who were successful, congratulations on being the best of the best. Thank you from all of us.

We also know employers have a choice to DIY or perhaps use the services of other recruitment agencies. For those that placed their trust in People Recruitment Group in 2021 we hope we met your expectations & the staff appointed make long-lasting, positive contributions to your organisations.Thank you from all of us.

People REcruitmemt Group operates as a team for all executive search & general recruitment. I’d like to acknowledge the ongoing professionalism of our team including Angelique EverettScott Oakhill,  Karen Good & Lachlan McMurtrie. It’s not only what you do that makes us successful, it’s the way you do it. Thank you.

Thanks also to all our/my followers for your support of the many LinkedIn articles and posts. There’s always something to discuss within our profession and we remain committed to raise these issues without fear or favour.

We finish 2021 much as we started, with a diverse range of opportunities available. If you’re a job seeker looking for new opportunities, join our Talent Network or if you’re an employer wanting a better experience with a recruitment partner, we’re here to help.

From all of us at People Recruitment Group we hope you have a safe, enjoyable Xmas and a successful 2022.

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